What is JamStack?

JamStack is a web development architecture that uses pre-built, serverless components to build fast, scalable websites.

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OP Saran

September 09, 2022

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JamStack is a shorthand for "JavaScript, APIs and Markup (HTML/CSS)".

JamStack is not a specific technology or framework, but rather a new way of thinking about building web applications. By decoupling the frontend from the backend, JamStack applications can be built using a variety of static site generators, headless CMSs, and serverless functions.

JamStack applications are typically much faster and more scalable than traditional web applications, and can be deployed to a variety of hosting platforms.

What is a Static site?

A static page consists of primarily HTML, CSS and some JavaScript for optional interactivity. This makes it super fast to load on a client browser. These Static pages can be cached by DNS for faster delivery all over the world.

Traditional CMS like WordPress rely on plugins to load on the client's browser which makes it slow and results in bad customer experience.

NextJs is the most popular static site generator as it provides prebuilt optimizations on the go.

Modern hosting platforms like Vercel and Netlify offer one click deployments.

How does JamStack handles Backend?

Jamstack relies on APIs (Application platform interface) for fetching useful data. The benefit of this approach is that often times developers don't need to construct their own backend. These API calls can be performed on the server side as well as client side.

NextJs gives developers full customizability to access CSR, SSR and SSG.

What are the benefits of JamStack?

  • Performance: This is the biggest advantage of JamStack over traditional methods of web development. Static pages are pre-rendered during the build time and served using the CDN.
  • Security: Since static files are hosted in a read only way, leaving any security threat to zero.
  • Scale: CDNs offer unprecedented scalability serving millions of clients all over the world almost instantly. Modern cloud infrastructure allows APIs to scale on demand. This has to be the biggest innovation in the web development field.
  • Maintainability: Once the build is complete, the static files are ready to be served. It does not require any routine maintainance and you don't need to worry about any plugin subscription getting expired.

How BoomLabs build JamStack sites?

At BoomLabs, we use NextJs for building websites of your dream. We deploy these sites on Vercel cutting down any headache of maintainance. We also use Hygraph API for the blog creation. For more, Contact Us!


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