What is Static Site Generation?

Static Site Generated websites are incredibly fast, giving a top notch user experience and resulting in better conversions. In this article, we learn about SSG is and it's benefits compared to traditional CMS like WordPress or Webflow.

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OP Saran

July 17, 2022

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There was a time when websites used to look basic and had users couldn't interact wth them, but do you rememer how slow was internet back then? Still those websites loaded fast, how?

Those websites used to be hard coded using HTML and CSS and bundled together, there was no scripting languages like JavaScript eating away client browser's precious resources and time. But with the advent of JavaScript, websites became interactive and beautiful. Frameworks like React and Angular took it to whole new level.

CMS like WordPress are still good for non-tech business owners to build basic websites and Blogs. Low-code platform like Webflow has taken it to next level by giving us more options to build beautiful websites. Today WordPress and Webflow are go to tools to build websites.

But these websites are notoroiusly slow compared to Static Site Generated websites. So what's defference between traditional CMS like WordPress?

Traditional CMS: Traditional CMSs like WordPress or Drupal store the content in a database, such as MySQL or MariaDB. When a request for a page is made, the CMS scripts build the page on the fly, fetches the content from the database, and sends it to the client.

This requires a database and a web server.

The content is stored in the database, and the CMS scripts are stored in the web server. The CMS scripts read the content from the database, generates the HTML pages on the fly, and serves the pages to the clients.

Static Site Generation: As the name implies, a static site is one that is built using only static files. There is no database or server-side processing going on. Everything is pre-built and served as-is to the user.

Traditional CMS vs SSG:

  • Speed: SSG websites are fast and efficient. There is no need to build the pages on the fly, and the static pages can be cached in the CDN. As a result, the website loads in a few milliseconds.

    ⁠Our whole website is static site generated and it has perfect 100 scored on pagespeed insights.

  • Security: SSG websites are a lot more secure. This is because you do not need any database or web server. As a result, there is no possibility of SQL injections or cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.
  • Deployment: SSG websites far are easier to deploy. Platfroms like vercel allows you to deploy on one click and it takes care of everything including publishing your site on CDN.
  • Cost: Traditional CMSs require a database and a web server. As a result, they are costly to maintain.SSG websites do not require a database or a web server. As a result, there is no additional cost for maintaining them.SSG websites do not require a database or a web server. As a result, there is no additional cost for maintaining them. Free tier of vercel is good enough for most cases.
  • Content: Since CMS like WordPress have a good reputation for allowing non-tech users to easily create content like Blogs etc but with the advent of headless CMS, it has never been such a breeze to create content for SSG.

    ⁠This blog was written using graphcms and it's intuitive user interface is beginner friendly. We also use OPenAI's GPT-3 to create content. This blog was completely written using Artificial intelligence, zero human input.
  • Maintenance: Platforms like WordPress, Webflow and Shopify are notorious for requiring endless amount plugins for some basic task. This becomes harder to maintain as the site grows. SSG websites require zero maintenance.

How BoomLabs uses JamStack to build SSG websites?

JAMstack is a web development architecture that uses JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. It is a modern approach to building websites that delivers better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and a better developer experience.

If your project requires backend, we use APIs to connect with SSG frontend.

What is NextJs?

Next.js is a React framework that allows you to build server-side rendered React apps. Next.js also has a Static Site Generation (SSG) feature that allows you to pre-render pages and get the benefits of both server-side rendering and static site generation.

We use NextJs as it is SEO friendly and the most popular framework as of today.

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